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Sometimes dogs come into our program and because they are too old or too sick, they never find their forever home.

They become permanent foster dogs, loved by their foster family but not able to be loved by a family that will pick them.

We want to share some of these dogs with you to show that even though they are not able to be placed outside of the rescue club, they are special and deserve their story being told. Here are the dogs that we have as permanent foster furkids.

We would willingly accept contributions to their care if you would like to sponsor one for any occaision.

Thank you!

Ruby - 8 years old
Ruby's foster mom is Sharon. She was found wandering the streets of Cripple Creek. She has a heart murmur but the doctors say that she can lead a normal life as long as it isn't too active. She loves playing games with flash lights and playing lazer tag.
Isabella - 13 years old
Greetings, my name is Isabella. You can call me Izy, you can call me Bella or you can call me Isabella. In fact you probably won't have to call me at a;; because I will always be right there. I love being with peole. I only weigh 20 lbs and stand all of 14 1/2 inches tall. I was found wandering the streets and was taken to the humane society where they were about to give up on me but I'm sure glad that PPKF found me and took me home. I have very little fur on my backside because my thyroid was not working very well but now that I'm on medication I'm feeling much better. I've had my teeth cleaned and everything else seems to be working OK so I'm just sitting here trying to growing more fur. Until then I have the cutest t-shirts to keep me warm. I LOVE to snuggle and be picked up. If you don't pick me up, I will remind you that I really like being snuggled *wink*..









We have asked their foster families to write a short biography
and send an updated picture.
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