Peak to Peak
Keeshond Fanciers

Sometimes dogs come into our program and because they are too old or too sick, they never find their forever home.

They become permanent foster dogs, loved by their foster family but not able to be loved by a family that will pick them.

We want to share some of these dogs with you to show that even though they are not able to be placed outside of the rescue club, they are special and deserve their story being told. Here are the dogs that we have as permanent foster furkids.

We would willingly accept contributions to their care if you would like to sponsor one for any occaision.

Thank you!

Pouncer 12 years old



Toby 10 years old.

Came out of the shelter picked up as a stray. Foster mom is reporting that he is doing very well. Very sweet and loving as he melts hearts when meeting.

Teddy 8 years old

Teddy is one of our special needs kids. His original family wasn't able to take care of him in the way he needed. He came into the program at 80 lbs on a diet of sugared breakfast cereal which created so many health issues. His foster family have worked so hard to get him back into good health that he is now down to almost 50 lbs and his skin no longer has the sores that infested him. Peace & Kindness has been his special medicine in both the spiritual dose and the product.

Princess 17 years old
Princess came to PPKF as a wonder girl but has found a very special place in her foster mom's heart. She loves being the grand dame of the house and is quite the natural pack leader.
Keisha 13 years old
Keisha is a "designer" kessie. Her foster mom says she is a Dutch Elkhound or a Norweigan Keeshond. Either way she is much loved. She came to us very obese and has worked hard to reduce her body masss. She is now able to walk and enjoy the out of doors again.
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Last updated March 2016

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